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Aleshia Walters
Listing Category
Active-Accepting Clients
Irie Locs Nation Hair Studio
3615 Dutch Village Rd
Halifax, NS B3N 2T1, Canada
(902) 412-5632
Name of Business
Irie Locs Nation Hair Studio
Which Professional are you?
Microloc Specialist
Are you a certified or licensed professional?
Certified Microloc/Braider/Natural Hair Specialist
Which of the following establishments do you operate out of?
I work in a salon or studio.
What are your preferred methods of payment from clients? select all that apply.
Cash, CashApp/Zelle/Google Payments
How long have you practiced your craft professionally?
1-5 yrs
Choose your areas of expertise. These are the services you would like to provide to clients. (select all that apply)
Microloc Services (Install/Maintenance/Repair), Natural Hair Services (Care/Styling)
Are you willing to travel to provide service to a client?
AMP Member

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